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Be ahead in the race for top talent

Our Recruitment Analytics & Marketing Platform lets you reach and engage with high-quality candidates by addressing them on the best performing channels 

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Reach a bigger pool of candidates

Extend your recruitment reach to 100M+ candidates, lessen time required to find qualified candidates who don't visit job boards.

  • Target passive candidates where they spend the most time: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other social sites. 
  • Let AI assess the best sites to target high-quality applicants most likely to respond to your job ads. 
  • Leverage data-driven insights to target potential candidates by country, industry, job title and more. 

Pay for performance, not for campaign duration

Pay only for job ads that potential candidates actually click on and review, regardless of how long your campaign runs.

  • Distribute job ads to leading pay-per-click social media sites to increase awareness and interest.
  • Automate and optimize your cost-per-application and cost-per-hire; stop spending on positions that have enough applicants.
  • Set rules to automatically update your job slot investment on LinkedIn to replace outdated positions with the most relevant job ads.

Bring candidates back to apply

Re-engage with the 95% of candidates who start, but don’t complete, an application.

  • Customize your messages so they resonate with high-quality candidates who didn’t submit an application.
  • Increase your applications’ completion rates by targeting the right job to the right jobseeker.
  • Improve your recruitment ROI by building on data-driven results; don’t start from scratch with every new hire anymore.

Build your brand

Strategically place job ads in places where high-quality candidates congregate, and establish your company as a desirable place to work.

  • Create targeted employer branding campaigns with lookalike modelling based on your first-party data.
  • Reach desirable candidates with tailormade messages in order to become top-of-mind.
  • Build a robust, interested talent network to decrease your reliance on third-party recruiters, so you can hire fast, more cost effectively, and when the time is right.

White glove-services from our experts

Tap into Ontame.io’s team of seasoned recruitment professionals to drive efficiency and success in your hiring. 

  • Leverage Ontame.io’s expertise, gained by working with blue-chip companies across Europe, to drive efficiency in your recruitment efforts
  • Let our team of recruitment marketing experts monitor and optimize your campaigns for optimal ROI.
  • Get a single streamlined invoice for all of your recruitment advertising spend

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The 2018 Global Recruitment Report

In-depth Analysis of Conversion Rates, Candidate Quality and Time to Hire by Devices, Countries and Job Categories.

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