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The all-in-one recruitment marketing platform

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Analyze - All data in one platform

Track the success of all your campaigns
Constantly review your strategy by measuring which sources generate the best and cheapest applications.

Get candidate funnel data from your ATS 
See which sources generate the most and cheapest hires by integrating data from your ATS (we support all ATS).

Setup auto reporting and save time
Schedule auto reports based on country, business unit or traffic sources and stay updated on the performance of your campaigns. 

Full Funnel Analytics

Advertise - All jobs one platform

Set your budget
Specify the amount you would like to spend on each job.

Optimal allocation of budget
Based on data from more than 100.000 jobs, our algorithms calculate the optimal allocation of your media budget based on the performance of similar jobs.

Go live with the click of a button
Your campaign will go online on Ontame.io ad network with more that 3 billion people.

Advertise - one platform for all your advertising

Re-engage - All candidates one platform

Convert passive candidates
Communicate with the 95% of candidates who did NOT apply for your job. 

Communicate to niche audiences
Create custom candidate pools based on visitor behavior (IT, finance, marketing) in order to drive highly segmented campaigns.

Pay only for ads viewed by candidates
Define your campaign goals, set your budget, and let Ontame.io do the hard work. Pay only for ads viewed by candidates.
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The 2018 Global Recruitment Report

In-depth Analysis of Conversion Rates, Candidate Quality and Time to Hire by Devices, Countries and Job Categories.

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