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The war for talent is exploding. Companies are not only competing for the best brains on their home turf but on a global scale.

The technology landscape is changing in an pace new to mankind; mobile traffic has surpassed desktop in every measurable traffic parameter, new media channels and social networks are changing the way information is distributed and digested. But most importantly the price of being online has decreased so dramatically that we now truly see what the world really is: One unified information highway.

This poses a lot of opportunities for recruiters. The world is in the palm of your hands. With a couple of clicks you can distribute your vacancies to the entire world or target a specific niche in your own local community.

Ontame.io is the leading recruitment marketing and analytics platform, enabling recruiters to reduce time to hire & cost per hire by using predictive analytics to make smarter recruitment marketing decisions.

We do this by collecting, merging and analysing the data from your career website and your ATS. This is nicely wrapped in a simple but powerful online service accessible from all devices.

Welcome to Ontame.io - Data Driven Recruitment Marketing and Analytics

Customers using Ontame.io are able to:



Visualize the entire recruitment funnel from first visit to website to final hire, across media sources, devices, countries and categories.



Measure cost per application, time to hire, cost per interview or cost per hire and see the results of your recruitment strategies.



Predict the outcome of our recruitment strategy by getting real time suggestions on which channel(s) to use in order to increase ROI.

The 2018 Global Recruitment Report

In-depth Analysis of Conversion Rates, Candidate Quality and Time to Hire by Devices, Countries and Job Categories.

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