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4 Ways to Transform Your Career Site in 2019

22nd Nov 2018 by Peter Anders Rasmussen

In recent years, career sites have turned into the most valuable recruiting asset for employers. 

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How a People Analytics Expert sees the future of HR (part two)

15th Nov 2018 by Peter Anders Rasmussen

Let's dive right into the second, and last, part of our interview with Benjamin Borchorst. If you did not yet read the first part, we highly encourage you to take a look right here: How a People Analytics Expert sees the future of HR (part one)

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How a People Analytics Expert sees the future of HR (part one)

8th Nov 2018 by Peter Anders Rasmussen

He has implemented more HR-solutions than most. He is a People Analytics expert, with a passion for  connecting people data, behavior and employee experience.

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November Product Announcements

1st Nov 2018 by Peter Anders Rasmussen

It is official: Winter is coming. With this cold weather, we can think of nothing more relevant than enjoying a warm cup of coffee, while enjoying our November Product Announcements.

We have launched some fantastic features this time. The new features are: 

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Kære ledelse, tør I give HR et strategisk løft?

9th Oct 2018 by Martin Stockfleth Larsen


Det kræver talent at finde talent – men det kræver i høj grad også et strategisk overblik og vilje til at bruge de ressourcer, det kræver. Og selvfølgelig værktøjerne til at bruge ressourcerne rigtigt. 

Så længe jeres HR-afdeling primært bruger tid på at sikre kontrakter og rettigheder samt udføre performancemålinger og ikke får lov at udnytte alle de muligheder, der findes på rekrutteringsområdet – ja, så smider I værdifuld viden på gulvet og bruger både penge og ressourcer forkert. 

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September Product Announcements: automation, AI, improved benchmark and more

7th Sep 2018 by Peter Anders Rasmussen

 September has come, and our recruitment analytics platform has taken a massive step forward. This announcement contains specific details about the latest improvements to our platform, all helping to deliver insight and automation for your talent acquisition and employer branding.

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Ontame.io Now Offers Job Distribution Across Job Boards & Social Media

6th Jul 2018 by Cristina Lezcano

We are happy to introduce new enhancements to the job distribution functionalities to improve your user experience and facilitate your job posting to job boards and social media sites on-the-spot, all-in-all to give you the competitive advantage in your race for top talent.

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Product Announcement: Ontame.io Now Offers Benchmarking

21st Jun 2018 by Cristina Lezcano

In order to close open positions, you need to drive traffic (candidates) to your career website and when they do visit, you need to focus on how to turn the passive candidates into an active applicants.

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4 Tips on How to Find & Recruit Talent in Retail (Fast)

30th May 2018 by Cristina Lezcano

Staff turnover in retail still remains high (as for any other sector with client services functions, such as call centers). According to XpertHR UK Labour Turnover Rates Survey, staff turnover in retail averages 25%, behind only hotels and leisure (46%) and with high employee turnover an inevitable consequence is the cost implication. As reported by HR Review UK, for the UK retail industry it takes up to 23 weeks before a “newbie” is up and running and the cost of replacing an employee is £ 20,114 per staff member, representing an overall annual cost to the retail sector in the UK of £ 673m!

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Introducing Cost & Recruitment KPIs

8th May 2018 by Cristina Lezcano

We are happy to introduce new relevant recruitment metrics and KPIs across our dashboard. These new metrics are Cost-per-View, Cost-per-Application, Cost-per-Hire, Time-to-Fill, and Job View Rate.

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