4 Tips on How to Find & Recruit Talent in Retail (Fast)

30th May 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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Staff turnover in retail still remains high (as for any other sector with client services functions, such as call centers). According to XpertHR UK Labour Turnover Rates Survey, staff turnover in retail averages 25%, behind only hotels and leisure (46%) and with high employee turnover an inevitable consequence is the cost implication. As reported by HR Review UK, for the UK retail industry it takes up to 23 weeks before a “newbie” is up and running and the cost of replacing an employee is £ 20,114 per staff member, representing an overall annual cost to the retail sector in the UK of £ 673m!

Looking at these numbers, retail recruiters can’t afford to ignore the challenges related to high turnover, the constant pressure to find great retail candidates to hire, and are therefore in need of a well-structured recruitment strategy.

HR needs to act more like Marketing!

Recruitment Funnel

Why? Because you need to compete for talent the way marketers compete for new customers.

How? We have trimmed our best tips into 4, which we are certain can save you a lot of headaches:

  1. Use your insights and your data: Do you know who are the best performers at your company? Do they have a common caracteristica? By analyzing your internal data, you can identify similar backgrounds from your top performing salespeople and clerks (do they have the same education, job experience, hobbies?) and start building your talent pool for future recruitments by targeting profiles with similar caracteristica on modern social media platforms.
  2. Use Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat as your preferred recruitment media: Understand the behaviour of your potential candidates and where they congregate (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat). Think beyond the job boards, as you need to connect with “passive” job seekers. Let the job come to them (awareness) instead of having them search for the job. Again, recruiting and marketing are similar, consider advertising to promote your open positions like marketers do to promote their products.
    Social platforms are great for their targeting abilities based on data and to build look-alike profiles that you can re-use for the future.
    Don’t forget to speak their language, writing uninspiring recycled job descriptions isn’t going to connect you with your desired candidates. Leverage social media with video content and be creative!
    Social media also offer them a better mobile experience. Our data has shown that a large number of the young workforce consumes a lot of information (including researching your company) from their mobile phones. They also look at your company’s social media profiles from their phones and get an impression of who you are. Make sure you are mobile-friendly, social present and up-to-date!
  3. Limit the barrier:Create a positive candidate experience with your employer brand by avoiding any tech-hurdles when sending them through your application system. In fact, make it easy and pain-free, so you don’t risk losing them. This way you avoid losing your potential candidates due to time-consuming uploading of CVs, cover letters, etc. By eliminating barriers, hurdles, or complications that may deter them from finishing an application or following up on a resume or questions they’ve sent in, the application process becomes smoother for both parties. Remember the younger generation is impatient.
  4. Act fast: Following the last sentence in tip 3, as soon as you have a good match, set-up the screening interview, in order to move quick through the hiring process, otherwise you might risk they forget about you, lose interest or that they already found something else.

Needles to say, this is only one part of your recruitment funnel, the rest of it needs to be well-structured too. At Ontame.io we believe that a great start comes by using your data to support you in your decision-making processes – and hence eliminate the guessing. With data, you will get the right help to improve the quality of new hires and eventually be ahead of your turnover by constantly being able to find candidates fast.

Looking for inspiration? Read our latest customer story where Verisure needed to increase their current staff by 250% and see how insights from Ontame.io helped the company see immediate success in their recruitment initiatives across all metrics: cost-per-application, cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.

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