4 Ways to Transform Your Career Site in 2019

22nd Nov 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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In recent years, career sites have turned into the most valuable recruiting asset for employers. 

Why is this? Well, first of all, visitors going to your career site are already interested in your employer brand. They are basically knocking on your door, waiting for you to open and say “Welcome – please come in. Let me show you around.” 

With the big struggle for talent, it is confusing why companies don't seem to prioritize their career sites. Visitors going to your career site are low-hanging fruits, and you have the ability to exploit this opportunity.

Let's take a look at why career sites drive more applicants than any other source:

  • 61 % of candidates states that company career sites are the most crucial aspect when researching career opportunities
  • 75 % of candidates conduct their own research during the job search 
Source: Talent Board 2016-17 EMEA Candidate Experience Research Report

 These findings show two trends: Candidates are generally taking care of themselves, and they want to find information on your career site. 

Unfortunately, a large portion of career sites are highly outdated. It is often confusing for candidates to enter a career site. Moreover, employers are not prioritizing to show engaging employer branding content on their career sites. Heck, sometimes candidates should praise themselves lucky if they manage to find the career site.

Question: How many clicks does it take to get to your career site? (and how well-hidden is it?)

Research shows that the importance of career sites are at an all-time high. With the evolution of the internet, modern candidates are probably going to be even more self-selective and doing more research themselves. The cost of inaction is only going to increase. It is time to put a strategy into your career site.

Career Site Analytics

4 ways to create a career site that performs in 2019

1. Invest in Career Site Analytics

 It is vital for you to get deep insights into the performance of your career site.

At Ontame.io we have recently launched our newest feature: Career Site Analytics. This tool allows you to understand, analyze and optimize your pages and content on your career site.

Our Career Site Analytics has the unique feature of connecting your employer branding initiatives and your career site pages with actual results. This allows you to determine what pages and content lead to applications, qualified candidates, interviews and hires. 

Investing in a Career Site Analytics tool is essential for you to start optimizing your career site. Without this, you won't be able to measure the tangible results of your initiatives and identify what works and what does not. Thus, the rest of the advices are more or less unusable. Get this aspect in check before moving on.

Fundamental questions to investigate:

1. What content / pages are your candidates engaging within? 

2. Do we have any dead ends on our career site?

3. How does the typical candidate journey through our career site look?

4. What content / pages leads to the highest conversion rate?

Questions like these are simple to answer with a career site analytics tool.

Do you want to hear more about our new Career Site Analytics module, and how it can help your career site thrive in 2019?


2. Produce the right content

 It is essential to understand what content your candidates prefer.

However, there are some key findings in research, that may give you a hint about the content candidates generally prefer.

  • 53 % of candidates think that company values are the most critical content
  • 49 % believes that product / services information are the most important
  • 44 % thinks that information on the culture of the company is the most important
  • 30 % of candidates want even more details about why your employees want to work at your company.

Source: Talent Board 2016-17 EMEA Candidate Experience Research Report

It is a great idea to put this content on your career site, with dedicated pages for each subject. Making dedicated pages is a big helper in SEO-optimizing.

We sometimes see missed opportunities in content that naturally could belong to career sites. A good example is diversity. There's a large portion of companies having a section about how they work with diversity. This is great - but when the content is not available from your career site, you are missing out on an obvious opportunity to attract talent.

3. Create the right cALL to actionS

 It is estimated that 70 % of job candidates are passive or not openly looking for a job.

Source: GCS Recruitment Market Insights 2017

It is crucial that your career site is taking this into account.

You need to plan for candidates not being ready for a job at your company at the moment but wanting to hear about new job opportunities in the future.

The most simple solution is to create a job agent. 

Just like everything else in business, you should have tools to measure the performance of your job agent. This allows you to create strategies around your job agent and determine whether people who sign up are converting. If not, are we using it the right way? With the Ontame.io Career Site Analytics module, you'll be able to do this.

4. Establish your Employer Branding Strategy

  Your career site is the most significant scene to show your employer brand. 

From the moment a candidate enters your career site, s/he should realize the benefits of working at your company, how they can grow with your company and why they should do it. 

One of the key areas in your Employer Branding Strategy is to define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP is basically about showing what your company offers to employees. It contains culture, benefits, salary, and values. 

We see a tendency where businesses are promoting themselves and creating employer branding on job boards for instance. This is not necessarily a bad idea, but we recommend you to prioritize your career site. 

On your career site, you have better control over how your content is presented. Also, you own the data. 

Owning the data is the crucial part. When you are getting more content and more candidates to visit your career site, you can utilize data to create Recruitment Marketing campaigns targeted to attract these potential candidates. You can for instance use retargeting- and look-a-like audiences.

We have achieved excellent results for clients' helping them with this strategy. 

 Do you want to hear more about our new Career Site Analytics module, and how it can help your career site thrive in 2019?


We really want to emphasise the impact of having a well-performing career site. Your career site is the best automated recruiter, allowing your company to attract heaps of interested candidates, as long as you are putting some time and effort into it. 

According to the Talent Board 2016-17 EMEA Candidate Experience Report, company career sites has been ranked as the most valuable channel for candidates when researching an employer, for four consecutive years. Do not miss out on the opportunities lying in your career site.

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