6 Best Practices for Using Social Media Recruitment (+Real Examples)

10th Jul 2020 by Manuel Engelbrecht
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In 2020, recruiting via social media isn’t just a novelty - it’s a must-have for any successful recruiting strategy. Sites like facebook, instagram and LinkedIn inherit the potential to deliver great and totally different candidates in comparison to jobboards and traditional candidate sourcing.

Companies using social media in some way in the Recruitment process soared from 82% in 2010 to 92% in 2015. Users nowadays have on avarage over 7 social media accounts, more than doubling the number five years earlier. Social media is booming - also in terms of recruitment. If you don't leverage the possibilities and benefits you will miss out. Big time.

1. Use a soft approach and promote your culture

Social media recruiting isn't about only posting open roles and other hard practices. Show the world why you are unique and why your company is a great place to work at. We recommend that you also read this great post from Recruitment.com which gives a broader look at this topic and explores the benefits of social recruiting, as well as how to make a social media recruiting strategy.

But back to our recommendations. Post events, get togethers, dinners and even super nerdy stuff that fits your profile. Instagram is a great tool to let pictures convey the message.
Spotify does a great job with promoting a diverse, fun company culture on Instagram and gives the viewer that vibe that it's THE company everybody loves working for. Especially millennials have a rising preference to choose employers that care a lot about company culture. To get the best talent you have to promote it!

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2. Highlight the value proposition for employees

A great way to reach a broader group of candidates than recruiters would typically bring in is to think deeply about what value you can offer to the employee during the day-to-day job. Especially UPS did an outstanding job by summarizing that their employees "delivers wishes" to their customers. The right use of this technique can make even the most mundane jobs highly desirable.
Emphasize the most memorable moments that your emoyees will experience in a specific job. A community of like-minded peers that he can strive in? An constant investment in her personal development? Recognition from customers? Think about it, break it down to the essential and share it with the world!


3. Use Niche Networks to get specific candidates - and use free search for it

Everybody knows it: Developers hang out at StackOverflow or GitHub. Marketers love Moz or Warrior forum. StackOverflow, for example, has a career page where you can post jobs to a very targeted developer audience. Unlike the majority of the users, developers have the chance to set up a more detailed profile on there and companies have the possibility to search and contact them directly when they pay the access.
But there is a loophole to bypass the need to pay for candidate search: just try Google, use this search query and add what you are looking for. Response rates are astonishing for tech recruiting since those people are actually looking for a job and you have a relevant offer.

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4. Show how your recruitment process works

A considerable obstacles to apply for many candidates is that it is not clear how the best applicant is chosen and how the selection criteria are. Being as transparent as possible does not only boost current job fit and application rate, but also has enourmous long-time benefits (e.g. lower frustration levels when rejected).
Especially consultancies like McKinsey & Company do a great job in communicating stories from employees who were hired in the past and insights from interviewers on YouTube. Sure, how to conduct this is distinct from every business. But try to get some good pieces out of it and think about how you can use social media to effectively make your interview process as clear as possible. 

5. Post new, RElevant Industry content and challenges 

Being the go-to brand in a specific category is not only attractive to customers but also to potential employees. A great way to promote your proeficiency is to keep posting news from your specific field, problems you are woking on at the moment and challenges you as a company or the whole industry faces.
BMW,  for example, does a great job by being on the forefront of their industry and showing in which area of innovative technologies (like autonomous driving) the industry and the company is trying to make the world a better place.
With valuable content that reflects your problem solving needs, you will get the right applicants interested and captivated. Who doesn't want to work for a company that is cutting edge in the respective industry?

BMW example.jpg

6. How does a day in your company looks like?

Finally, Apple does a great job to display how a project in their company looks like. Telling employment stories can create a thrill of anticipation for the applicants. People love to see how it looks like to work at your company - show them! Other ideas you could incorporate into a video would be a tour of the office, or in general an overivew of the corporate structure and communications.  You can also show which perks you offer and give a general feel about the work environment.  


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