Alexander Tonelli: How To Create Data-Driven Talent Attraction (Video Interview)

7th Jan 2019 by Anders Jørgensen
2 minute read

Using data to attract the best talents is a necessity in 2019. We talked with one of the best practitioners in the field - Alexander Tonelli - to hear how he uses data in his Talent Attraction. Alexander is a genius when it comes to making data understandable, and he shares some very specific ways in which you can get started with using data in Talent Attraction.

If you're interested in Data, Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, and Recruitment, this is a must-hear for you!

Alexander (TwitterLinkedIn) is the Head of Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition at Columbus Sweden (former iStone). A great part of Alexanders mission has been to implement the use of data in Talent Attraction.

Head of Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Alexander Tonelli

"Data gives you a lot of power when you talk to internal stakeholders" - Alexander Tonelli

Alexander believes that HR should look towards marketing to seek inspiration about how to use data. Marketing has been used to showing return on investment (ROI) and demonstrating the real effect of their work through data for a long time. The "marketing" way of working inspired Alexander to implement data in his own HR-operation.

The results? Last year iStone (now Columbus Sweden) had a 200% return on investment. The ROI came through savings in external recruitment agencies and lower cost internally. Tangible results like these make it easier for Alexander to continuously get a higher budget and add even more value.

The interview was conducted by Peter Anders Rasmussen, our Customer Success Manager.




What's discussed?

  •  Introduction (00:00-03:13)
  •  Alexander's perception of data in Talent Attraction (03:13-05:25)
  •  How Alexander proves the impact of his HR-operation (05:25-07:07)
  •  The first steps you need to take to become data-driven (07:07-09:34)
  •  How to measure the impact of your Employer Branding (09:34-12:07)
  •  The "Show it, don't tell it" approach (12:07-13:12)
  •  How to make Instagram work for Employer Branding (13:12-14:31)
  •  Winning the Silver Price at Magnet Awards (14:31-18:47)
  •  Best practices to ensure a great Candidate Experience (18:47-21:50)
  •  Application Flow (21:50-23:51)
  •  Data Governance (23:51-25:30)
  •  Alexander's favourite books (25:30-28:23)
  •  5 Rapid Fire Questions (28:23-35:27) 

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