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10th Jan 2019 by Anders Jørgensen
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New Year, new Product Updates.

We are stoked to share the first product announcements in 2019. And, as usual - reach out, if you'd like to hear more about each new feature, and how it can help your business.

This months features:
- Enhance Diversity by reducing recruiting bias
- Prove the effect of your Employer Branding with Career Site Analytics
- Easier navigation in Tracking Links

Let's dive right in.

Enhance Diversity by Reducing Recruiting Bias

It is well-known that biases can influence the decision process in recruitment. That, unfortunately, means that it is not always the best person that gets the job. It also means, that your team is at risk of becoming very homogenous, reducing productivity, value-creation, and innovation, without you even realizing.

The benefits of diversity in work teams have been proved in countless research. Therefore it is great, that a lot of companies states that they want to enhance diversity. However, few acts upon it. We understand this - it can be very difficult to take concrete actions that are simple to implement on this matter.

But, it does not have to be difficult anymore. We are now introducing our new Diversity Data Module. The module makes it easy for you to establish a more diverse workforce, by reducing bias in your recruitment and in your recruitment marketing.


The diversity tool allows you to deploy very detailed perspectives on your recruitment process - thus you can identify exactly where bias may occur. By doing that, you can identify bottlenecks in your recruitment process, which may be diminishing your diversity, productivity, and innovation.

Diversity on a source level

Ever wanted to find out what candidate characteristics your sources are good at attracting? Now you can identify the age and gender, that candidates from specific sources have. Maybe LinkedIn is really good at attracting men between 40-50 to your company? Maybe Indeed.com is attracting 80 % women applicants, who's between 25-40?


Getting these crucial insights, allows you to be even more strategic about your recruitment and your recruitment marketing, and to take your positions to the sources that are most likely to enhance your diversity.

You need the right data to measure diversity

To measure diversity, you need to have access to key metrics; this is for instance gender, age, educational background, and experience. But, we are entirely aware that there's a portion of companies who don't ask about gender and age. They don't want candidates to think that these aspects matter. They want to seem neutral.

We admire this way of thinking, but let's try to reframe the perspective for a second. Our view is, that by not collecting data like gender and age, companies are blind to actually see how they are performing on their diversity goals and what the bottlenecks are.

Collecting data like gender and age on candidates who apply, candidates who are invited to an interview, and candidates who are hired, allows you to methodologically reduce bias, and enhance diversity. Asking questions about certain personal characteristics can be totally okay, as long as candidates know how the data will be used.

Ericsson shows a great example of how to collect data to enhance diversity. Take a look at the following stage, which is a part of their application flow: 


Framing data-collection like this (and actually living up to it), show responsibility and builds trust while allowing Ericsson to actually measure and deliver on their diversity targets. 

There's a new trend rising, where companies spend a large sum of money on creating neutral job descriptions. This is great; but without a method to measure your actual results, the money is wasted. You might as well walk around blindfolded.

How can you benefit from the Diversity Module?
  1. Helps you to reduce biases in your recruitment and your recruitment marketing
  2. Allows you to enhance diversity, leading to increased innovation, creativity, and productivity
  3. A strategic tool to create targeted recruitment-campaigns towards specific target-groups, with the necessary criteria to enhance your diversity


Want more information about the Diversity Data Module? Maybe you want to get started with the module today? You'll find all the necessary details right here:


Career Site Analytics

Admitted - we launched Career Site Analytics last month. However, there's already been such a significant extension of the module, that we feel like telling about it again.

First of all, let's ask you a couple of questions:

  • Do you know which content works on your career site? And which doesn't?
  • Are you working strategically with the content you have? The placement of the content, and inbound links? 
  • Do you know what specific content leads to applications? And hires over time?
  • Are you able to measure the effect of having talent pools?

Most companies are powerless when trying to identify the real effects of their career site. How can you improve something, you can't measure?

But now - gone are the days, when it was impossible to prove the effect of your Employer Branding. With our Career Site Analytics module, you will get massive control over your career site. You will finally be able to identify which content works and which does not. With the module, you can get a strategic partner, that shows you exactly what your next actions on your career site should be. We are extremely excited about the possibilities this module brings to the table!

How can you benefit from Career Site Analytics?
  1. Prove the actual effects of your Employer Branding initiatives
  2. Identify what content your candidates engage with, and what content they don't like
  3. Connect results from Recruitment to your Employer Branding, and vice versa
  4. Connect your career site with your social media talent attraction campaigns. This will allow you to create ultra-specific marketing directed towards the visitors from your career site

Want more information about how Career Site Analytics can help your Employer Branding initiatives? Reach out, and we'll be in touch right away.

improved Tracking links User interface

The tracking links module is very popular among our clients. Here, they can create tracking links, which allows them to identify the performance of everything online; a job advertisement, a graduate campaign, a referral program, or a post on LinkedIn with a certain CTA.

Now, we have improved the user interface on the module. The improved interface should give you a better experience when using the feature. Also, you can now search for specific tracking links.

As always, reach out if you want to hear more about the new features.



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