November Product Announcements

1st Nov 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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It is official: Winter is coming. With this cold weather, we can think of nothing more relevant than enjoying a warm cup of coffee, while enjoying our November Product Announcements.

We have launched some fantastic features this time. The new features are: 


now you can Track all sources

Many of you have asked for tracking / reporting and insights beyond online sources, which we have decided to prioritize.

We now support sources such as headhunters, in-house-sourcing, talent-pool programs, chatbots and referral programs.

Just like online sources, you can identify the performance of offline-sources. With offline-sources you can see the number of applications, interviews, and hires and relate these to the cost of the source.

This feature will help you to answer essential questions, such as: 

  • Which headhunters / recruitment agencies deliver the best candidates based on quality of hire?
  • Is our referral program worth the efforts, and where is the bottlenecks?
  • Can we decrease time-to-fill by building and working actively with talent pools?
  • What can we do to decrease use of headhunters in department x?
  • Where can we improve cost-per-hire?
Key benefits

  • Understand where you are spending your budget and what the effect is
  • Allocate budget to where it earns the most significant impact 
  • Get the data views that are relevant to your organization
  • Identify the best sources, all the way down to cost, applications and hires 

Career Site Analytics

With the launch of our new career site analytics module, you can now get full insight into your career site. The primary objective with this new feature is to help you connect Employer Branding efforts with tangible recruitment results. 

No more gut-feeling; now you can utilize raw data about candidates' behavior on your career page to optimize and analyze your employer branding content. 

For example: Have you ever launched an Employer Branding campaign targeted engineers, and wished to see how it affected your candidate-interaction on your career-site? Well, now you can.

You can not only get insights into applications and hires; you can also gain insights into all the content you have on your career site. What works? What doesn't? Are you making the right content to attract the right people?

career site

With this new module, you'll be able to get the full overview of your candidate journey.


Key benefits
  • Understand the actual results of your campaigns and content
  • Understand your candidates' behavior and interests - no more gut-feeling
  • Achieve a greater understanding of the candidate-journey 


We have been working hard on our new Help Centre, and now it is up and running!



The articles are ranging from " Basic - A First Introduction" to very specific articles about how to create a tracking link and how to promote a job.

Check out the new Help Centre right hereShare it with a colleague, who doesn't yet know about the possibilities of the platform. 



We launched Benchmarking for about 2 months ago, and the feedback from you guys have been amazing. Therefore, we have added a new feature to the Benchmarking view: Now you can see your development in time at the benchmark-graph.

Getting an understanding of performance compared to the market is vital for setting the right strategy. But setting the right strategy is one thing. Monitoring whether you are actually delivering on the strategy is another. The time-perspective can help you to quickly visualize whether you are actually delivering on your strategy.

Benchmark Quarterly

You can select between a monthly and quarterly time-period.

Key benefits

  • Get a visible understanding of your development over time
  • Answer critical questions about the execution of your strategy


We now support integration beyond your ATS. This means that we can now integrate new data into the platform. The data could stem from your HR Information System or another system where you are collecting data.

We want to be able to support your exact priorities and business goals. The new feature could, for instance, give you crucial insights into diversity or quality of hire. 

Reach out to us, if you'd like to incorporate more data into your platform. 


Traffic Trend

We have added a traffic trend graph in the "Positions" tab. With this, you can quickly identify the performance of your open positions. Are they generating views and applications?

Traffic Trend-1

Try to take a look at your traffic trend bar. How does it look? If you have any questions or would like to get inputs about the different possibilities there are to get more traffic and applications, reach out to us.

Key benefits
  • Check the pulse of your open positions in a couple of seconds
  • Analyze the patterns of your positions - how are the views and applications spread out over time?


Candidate Rating

Candidate Quality is a crucial metric to track. Therefore we have now integrated candidate rating into the funnel-view, as this makes it easier to identify. Candidate Rating is now integrated as a standard view in Positions, Sources, Categories and Departments.

Candidate Rating-1

Key benefits 

  • Optimize your media spend by figuring out where your best candidates are coming from
  • Select the right media from the beginning
  • Quickly determine whether departments are rating candidates or not


We are always happy to help

If you have any questions about the Product Updates, our Director of Customer Success, Anders Jørgensen, is looking forward to hearing from you.



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