Ontame.io Closes $800K in New Funding & Adds New Hire of Experienced CEO

23rd Mar 2018 by Press Release
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Copenhagen, March 23, 2018 - Data-Driven Recruitment Marketing Platform, Ontame.io, empowers recruiters to reach the right talent by maximizing their recruitment activities with intelligent predictive technology, appoints new chief executive officer Martin Stockfleth Larsen (former CMO of Adform). Ontame.io secures at the same time $800K from PreSeed Ventures and The Danish Growth Fund.

Ontame.io was founded by Jens Reimer Olesen and Morten Petersen, who together have founded four companies, including the huge success of Graduateland, a job portal that offers a career network for students and recent graduates. Their four companies have a total of 100 employees, +20,000 customers across 10 markets and a turnover exceeding $24 million.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, who now becomes the first in command, has previously proven his ability to handle the growth Ontame.io expects. Martin has been the CMO of Adform for six years, contributing to scale the company from a Danish company with 60 employees to a global growth company with more than 800 employees. In 2015, Martin, through successful go-to-market strategies, increased the US-market revenue by 275%, and when approached the new CEO, he confirmed he is geared for taking Ontame.io to the next level.

"One of the main reasons why Adform flourished and grew so explosively was the focus we made on data as well as AI and thus automation. The Boston Consulting Group has conducted a survey indicating that recruitment is the HR discipline that has the most positive impact on revenue and profit. Still, the challenge is that recruitment departments in large international companies have insufficient understanding of how much value is stored in their data. As a consequence, their recruitment strategies continue to be the same as they were 10 years ago. This is why Ontame.io appeals to me so much, being able to solve a concrete business challenge for a great profit to our customers. In addition, I can provide Ontame.io relevant value and experience, which will be important in the future, when we will invest in our product and in new markets outside of Denmark", says Martin Stockfleth Larsen.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen is pleased to lead a company that has already proven its worth in the Danish market. With customers ranging from TDC Group, Novo Nordisk, Ørsted, NCC to Verisure; Ontame.io has established that their product has a value that brings concrete business value to some of the largest companies in Denmark.

“Ontame.io has enabled us to predict the right choice of recruitment channels as well as the optimal budget for each position. This means that we can streamline our recruitment process and even more important, break down the financial investment and value behind each recruitment”, says David Sandberg, Head of Talent Acquisition and People Analytics at Verisure, the leading European provider of professionally-monitored alarms.

New Investment

The appointment of the new CEO is not the only positive story at Ontame.io, the company has also raised capital from a previous investment round. PreSeed Ventures and from the entrepreneur and investor Magnus Kjøller. They have now secured another five million Danish krone to support their upcoming expansion. Existing investor, PreSeed Ventures, participates in this funding round, but in addition, The Danish Growth Fund has also decided to invest funds in this interesting company.

"Ontame.io is already a very exciting company with a strong team behind it and we believe there is a continuing potential for them. It is very important that a company like Ontame.io can acquire the right capital at the right time. Therefore, we are pleased to support them with funding for their further growth. We look forward to following the development", says Signe Marcussen, Corporate Account Manager at the Danish Growth Fund.

About Ontame.io

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Ontame.io is the leading recruitment marketing and analytics platform, enabling recruiters to reduce time-to-fill and cost-per-application by using artificial intelligence, making smarter recruitment marketing decisions and driving change.

The platform collects, merges and analyzes data from career websites, social media and ATS, and applies predictive analytics to help recruiters win the competition for the best and brightest talent. For more information, visit Ontame.io

About PreSee Ventures

PreSeed Ventures is Denmark’s largest and most successful innovation incubator. Our name is new, but we have been financing and assisting talented and hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years – helping them to realise their dreams through our pioneering early stage investments. Our name, PreSeed Ventures, reflects the nature of our business: PreSeed indicates the investment phase, while Ventures indicate our ability to embark on adventures and our subsequent involvement with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

About The Danish Growth Fund

The Danish Growth Fund is a state investment fund that contributes to the creation of new companies by providing capital and expertise. Since 1992, The Danish Growth Fund has together with private investors co-financed growth in more than 6,600 Danish companies with a total commitment of more than DKK 20 billion. The Danish Growth Fund invests equity and provides loans and guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises in collaboration with private partners and Danish financial institutions.

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Martin Stockfleth Larsen - Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +45 3166 1663

Mail: msl@Ontame.io

PreSeed Ventures

Alexander Horten - Investment Manager

Phone: +45 2045 9519

Mail: ah@preseedventures.dk

Line Grønlykke - Communications Manager

Phone: +45 41112191

Email: lbg@preseedventures.dk

The Danish Growth Fund

Linea Søgaard Lidell - Senior Communication Advisor

Phone: +45 22135855

Mail:  lsl@vf.dk

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