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8th Mar 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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Do you experience difficulty reaching your desired candidates? Are you missing the opportunity to meet highly-qualified candidates, because they simply didn’t access your career site? Or just didn’t see your job ad?

In an organization, the HR department plays a crucial part in a company’s success as it is behind top qualified talent acquisitions. Talent is top priority for most companies and of course so is the quality of the hire. So, how are you and your team making sure that you are attracting the right candidates? You know the challenge, most passive candidates are not visiting traditional job boards to read about your employer brand nor your current job offerings. Why would they, if they are happy where they are and don’t really know your employer brand?

For instance, according to our recent report, qualified candidates are difficult to attract, meaning you need to do things differently in order to decrease time-to-fill for each recruitment. So, what does it mean for your recruitment strategy? It means the time has come to turn those passive (including those “open” passive) candidates to active applicants. You want to get them through your career site in order to start building talent pools that not only will streamline your current recruitment process, but also prepare you for the future. How? By meeting potential applicants on their prefered channels, ensuring your employer brand is visible.

What you need is proactive thinking

At Ontame.io, we believe that the key to success is pro-activity. Using technology to automate your process, like our recruitment marketing platform, will help you build your talent pools, streamline your process and track your efforts. In order to lead your desired candidates down the recruitment funnel (see figure 1), your next campaign should not only focus very specifically on a job position, but the messaging should also center on your employer brand. It is extremely important to influence potential candidates in their perception of your company, so if this particular job position is not the one, when the right job ad does arrive, qualified candidates will show interest and start the conversation.

Recruitment Funnel 2.pptx.png

With awareness campaigns, you will not only open up candidates’ eyes and get them to acknowledge your organization, your culture, values and mission; you will also start building the right talent pools and have the chance to re-engage with those candidates, who have shown interest with relevant messaging that builds relationships.

Let’s get started!

Advertising and re-engaging with highly-qualified candidates not only increases your reach, it also helps you create a better process for the future, which is why we have made it easier for you to access our newly added advertising and re-engagement section on our platform. Now, instead of posting on traditional underperforming job boards, our platform offers you the option to promote job positions, while it calculates the best allocation of your media budget based on the performance of similar job ads.


Log in to our platform and go to Positions on the left menu.


View your online positions and select the job position you would like to promote. Next, click the green button to promote it, and you will see a few steps you need to follow:

  • Type in your budget, then our platform will calculate the best allocation of your media budget based on the performance of similar job ads
  • Approve the ad by hitting the green “racket” button and your job ad is live!

To minimize your time spend, we have also make it easier to navigate and find your Promoted Jobs, in our left menu. Simply access it and follow the performance of your ad; our platform and managed services will ensure it is monitored, adjusted and optimized for the ultimate best results. Should you want to stop the campaign, you can directly switch the ON button off. 


Your job as a talent recruiter has a massive impact on the future of your company. It's time to feel confident again when being challenged by the top-management! With our platform, we enable you to spend time on what really matters: meeting the right talent and start building relations.

To get started, contact our Senior Analytics Consultant, Anders. Not a user? Don’t hesitate to request a demo to learn more about our platform.

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