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A guide to pay-per-click for recruiters, not marketing GURUS

4th Jan 2018 by Manuel Engelbrecht

Over ten years ago, search engines introduced performance-based recruitment, which was born from existing advertisement approaches. Besides those pay-per-click (PPC) models, services recently also started to provide billing by application (PPA).
How do those alternative pricing models work and what are the differences to traditional pay-per-placement?

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Recruitment SEO: Get your listings ready for Google For Jobs

26th Dec 2017 by Manuel Engelbrecht

This year, at the annual I/O conference, Google announced to introduce a new vertical: Entering the Recruitment Space. This will fundamentally change the way applicants search for and find listings online. Moreover, it will become crucial to develop new strategies to maximize the visibility and conversion of your job postings online.

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You want the best talent? Use the right data!

14th Dec 2017 by Manuel Engelbrecht

The majority of firms entered the "new age" of HR Analytics. Bringing a data-driven approach to recruiting is essential, but the implementation of arbitrary tools is often followed by more uncertainty than not measuring at all. To find the right talent you need data. Reliable data. 

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3 Recruitment strategies talent acquisition managers use in 2018

8th Dec 2017 by Manuel Engelbrecht

As the year comes to an end, we will give a brief overview of the most impactful strategies highly successful talent acquisition departments used which will also help them to excel in 2018:

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How to lose the digital war for talent

19th Feb 2016 by Jens Reimer Olesen

In Ontame.io we help recruiters learn from data. Every month our platform measures more than 100M interactions; from the first time an applicant sees a job ad all the way to the ultimate hire. This enable us to help recruiters find a successful and repeatable recipe for online talent attraction.

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