Product Announcement: Now Offers Benchmarking

21st Jun 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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In order to close open positions, you need to drive traffic (candidates) to your career website and when they do visit, you need to focus on how to turn the passive candidates into an active applicants.

We are really excited to announce the launch of Benchmarking. An easy-to-understand report that helps you comprehend where to improve, in order to decrease your time-to-fill for open positions, without relying on your data analyst colleague.


What does it all mean?

The View Rate is on the X axis and the Conversion Rate is on the Y axis. The red dot represents you. The darker and lighter tones of green indicate where your peers are positioned, the darker green represents where the majority are. Be the best performer by getting in the lighter zone. There are four areas where you can be:

Drive more traffic - Room for improvement - Convert more traffic - Keep it up

View Rate is the average that indicates how many views each open position has received on your career site per day.

Tips to Improve View Rate:

If your are positioned in the box “Drive more traffic” or “Room for improvement”, it's time to take action:

  • Reconsider your choice of job boards. Are they generating sufficient amount of traffic?
  • Leverage your data to maximize your social media advertising (both for retargeting and audience buying). You can reach the exact audience your are looking to target with Facebook ads or sponsor your content on LinkedIn
  • Utilize your existing workforce with a referral program
  • Ask your employer branding team for help
  • Review your job descriptions and job ads. Do they take the candidate into account? Are they too long, too demanding?
  • Activate your talent pool with personalized messaging

Conversion Rate is the average of candidates visiting your career website that turns into active applicants. It's crucial to convert as many visits from paid sources as possible, in order to optimize your cost-per-application, while expanding your talent pool.

Digging into your recruitment conversion data will help you make better decisions, cut costs and improve efficiency.

Tips to improve Conversion Rate:

If you are positioned in the box “Convert more traffic” or “Room for improvement”, you need to:

  • Evaluate your application process. Is it time-consuming, has too many steps and tech hurdles?
  • Ensure your career site is optimized for mobile all through the funnel
  • Make it easy and quick to apply (e.g. set up the “Apply with Linkedin” integration)
  • Be more relevant when persuading your target audience (i.e. create more targeted messages)
  • Engage with candidates while they are reviewing your job description with real-time chat or poll functionalities on your career site. Get their instant feedback and push them to apply
  • Re-engage with potential candidates on Facebook or LinkedIn if they abandon your site without applying

What’s next?

In coming releases, we will implement benchmark across the different views, such as:

  • Geography (country, regions, etc.)
  • Media sources
  • Job type
  • Job category


Questions? Please reach out to our Director of Customer Success, Anders Jørgensen, for further assistance.


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