September Product Announcements: automation, AI, improved benchmark and more

7th Sep 2018 by Anders Jørgensen
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 September has come, and our recruitment analytics platform has taken a massive step forward. This announcement contains specific details about the latest improvements to our platform, all helping to deliver insight and automation for your talent acquisition and employer branding.

If you love automation and solid data insights made simple, prepare to get exited!

If you'd like to see the features in-action in our platform, then you should check out our September Product Announcements Webinar right here:

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Improve your recruitment-process with AI-driven alerts

Imagine this for a second: Your product development team is in dire need of a new co-worker. Orders are stacking up and your forecast tells you that you are going to need a new employee in 25 days. Now how do you assure that the new employee will actually be sitting at the desk in 25 days, adding value to your organisation and your team? Not saying too much, this can be a very challenging aspect to manage.

Most organisations have experienced the challenge of not achieving the desired amount of candidates for a job post. We know that the number one reason for this is that companies do not take action at the right time. At we asked ourselves the question: How can we help our customers identify the period a job posting should be active to achieve the necessary number of applications?


Alert Ontame-1


Before deadline, our product team has managed to create an amazing feature in our platform that allows you to be predictive in your recruitment. We call it the AI-driven alert system. This feature is going to have a huge impact on how you can meet your goal with recruitment. All you have to do is set a target for how many applications you want to receive and AI will do the rest. 

By using machine learning, the system will monitor the job views automatically. If at some point the system predicts that there is only a small change of achieving the goal, we will email you with recommendations regarding how to drive more job views, so you can close the positions in timely manner.

At we want to make sure that you reach your recruitment-targets, and the new AI-driven alert system is a prominent tool to help you automate your recruitment-process. 

Access to customized landing pages that allows you to track performance

Now you can use our landing pages to create talent pools. Imagine your employer brand team want to engage in a new graduate program career fair, and wishes to manage the potential candidates. With the new addition, they can now set up a talent-pool landing page in a few minutes and easily manage all the interested candidates that wants to sign up from here.

Skærmbillede 2018-09-06 kl. 09.09.07 

This addition opens up for a much wider use of the landing page feature and allows you to achieve more strategic value.

Furthermore we have now added access to your customized landing pages. This allows you to identify the performance of your landing page, like views and conversion. It also allows you to create your own landing pages and to preview, edit and deactivate them. This is a great tool for tracking your performance in real time, and model the pages as you like. At we are of course delighted to help you with the configuration of your landing pages, if you’d like to get a second perspective.

Compare performance across countries

Ever wondered how your organisation is performing in another country? With the addition of Job Countries this is now possible. It allows you to compare different countries to one another. You can compare KPI’s such as conversion rate, cost per hire and time to fill.

Skærmbillede 2018-09-06 kl. 09.12.42

This feature can be greatly utilized in terms of knowledge sharing across your global departments. It is well known that knowledge sharing is a key driver of organisational success. Imagine that one of your units in Sweden has cracked the code in terms of achieving higher conversion rates. With the platform this information will now be available to all of the organisation across borders. Now you can quickly extract the knowledge from your Sweden-team, and potentially achieve important breakthroughs in other countries.

Pinpoint the performance on all your Talent Managers

Our product team has developed an extensive feature that allows you to identify the performance of all Talent Managers in the organisation.

talent managers

Just like “Job Countries” this feature allows you to share important knowledge between employees. With the Talent Managers function you can easily identify the best performers, which then allows you to study why they are high performers. This is a key example of how delivers value to your organisation – we provide you with a quick and simple overview based on data that allows you to take the appropriate action instantly. 

Get an overview of your departments and categories

The more specific the data can be, the more value you can extract from it. With our latest addition of ‘departments’ and ‘categories’ you can now receive insights from your business departments and categories. 

The departments-feature could for instance be used to identify how specific business units are delivering on important KPI’s such as view rate and conversion rate. 

Categories allow you to break the data into even smaller pieces and see how your specific job categories are performing. This could be your marketing assistant positions. With the feature you are able to gain insights into critical KPI’s to keep track on where you are doing a great job and where you may need to improve. 

New metrics available for our global benchmarking

At June 2018 we introduced benchmarking. A simple visual report that allows you to identify where to improve in order to decrease your time-to-fill. As our customers have been very exited about the benchmarking-feature we have prioritized to add extra functionalities in terms of departments, categories, talent managers and job countries. This allows you to gain benchmark-insights from more metrics in your organisation.

benchmark - alle features

The value you can extract from this information is excessive, as you will be able to identify, through a simple visualization compared to market, where you need to improve and what you need to improve. 

We are always happy to help

That was it for the September product announcement. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. Just reach out to our Director of Customer Success, Anders Jørgensen.


The next months will be utterly exiting, as our dedicated product team is working on a large variety of new features. These will help you utilize your recruitment data even more and allow you to expand on insights about your talent acquisition and employer branding.

Want to see the features in-action? We made a webinar, in which you can see how the described features functions in our platform. 

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Until next time, stay safe, use data, bring value.

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