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Why You Need To Use Social Media Advertising To Attract The Best Talents

12th Feb 2019 by Anders Jørgensen

Job boards and organic reach in social media can't stand alone if you want the best talents. Nowadays, the best recruiters are doing something extra; that extra is social media advertising.  

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Infographic: Benchmark Data 2018

11th Jan 2019 by Anders Jørgensen

Interested in data and benchmark? Check our review of 2018! 

One of the trends we see is that mobile traffic keeps going up, while application by mobile is staying at a low level. If you don't have a strategy for handling mobile traffic on job ads, it's time to get one.

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Alexander Tonelli: How To Create Data-Driven Talent Attraction (Video Interview)

7th Jan 2019 by Anders Jørgensen

Using data to attract the best talents is a necessity in 2019. We talked with one of the best practitioners in the field - Alexander Tonelli - to hear how he uses data in his Talent Attraction. Alexander is a genius when it comes to making data understandable, and he shares some very specific ways in which you can get started with using data in Talent Attraction.

If you're interested in Data, Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, and Recruitment, this is a must-hear for you!

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November Product Announcements

1st Nov 2018 by Anders Jørgensen

It is official: Winter is coming. With this cold weather, we can think of nothing more relevant than enjoying a warm cup of coffee, while enjoying our November Product Announcements.

We have launched some fantastic features this time. The new features are: 

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