Why You Need To Use Social Media Advertising To Attract The Best Talents

12th Feb 2019 by Anders Jørgensen
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Job boards and organic reach in social media can't stand alone if you want the best talents. Nowadays, the best recruiters are doing something extra; that extra is social media advertising.  

All companies want to find the best talents - and for a good reason. According to a large study, high performers are 400 percent more productive than average ones.

But how do you assure that the best talents are applying for your jobs? One of the crucial elements is exposure; you need to generate a lot of job views and a lot of applications. When you do that, you increase your chance of finding the perfect fit, that's going to be a high performer in your company. 

Increasing exposure is simple, but not necessarily easy. Too many companies are spending money on job boards and praying for their organic reach on social media to be enough to attract high performers.

Let's walk through the limitations of job boards and organic reach on social media, and discuss how to increase exposure and target the best candidates for your positions.

The problem with job boards

This is a classic traffic pattern of a job posted on a job board.

Job board pattern

There's an explosion in job views (the green line), on the first days the job is online, and then it slows down. We see this pattern over and over. Having a decline in job views and traffic is a significant challenge because companies don't get the job views and applications they could be receiving throughout the lifetime of the job post. That results in a limited candidate pool.

There are three ways companies can go from here:

   1) Reposting the job

   2) Hiring a recruitment agency

   3) Hiring a person from the current candidate pool

Neither one seems like a great choice when you simply could be attracting enough candidates from the beginning, and avoid the situation.

The challenge about job boards is basically that they're like a pin-up board. Your job post quickly gets in the back, as the job board prioritizes to show new jobs first.

The problem with organic reach of Social Media

“Facebook wants every single impression to be meaningful and engaging”

Adam Mosseri, VP Newsfeed, Facebook

"... In other words, they need to generate more revenue" - Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CEO, Ontame.io.

There's no free lunch in organic traffic anymore. The major social media networks want companies to spend money on ads and have therefore year after year diminished the organic reach.

Facebook Organic Reach

Take a look at how the algorithms work for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter:

Algorithms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

Basically, it's become very hard to generate a large exposure by organic reach on social media.

Reduced reach in organic traffic results in companies relying on lucky punches, to generate job views and applications on social media.

  • You rely on colleagues to share content
  • You can't target specific candidates
  • You can't scale your reach
  • You can't collect any data, which limits your ability to learn and improve

How to generate more job views and candidates

As there's no free lunch on social media anymore, and the job boards act like a pin-up board, you have to do something else. A great solution to generate more job views and applications is to start using social media advertising; spending money on sponsored content on social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Our data shows that companies who use social media advertising experience:

   1) A decrease of seven percent on cost-per-application

   2) A six percent reduction on cost-per-view

   3) A six percent reduction on time-to-fill

These results occur because companies have much more control of traffic generation over the whole lifetime of the job post, which leads to more applications and larger talent pools. Also, the targeting possibilities become much better, allowing companies to market the job ad to the persons that are more likely to be a great fit and would want to apply.

If you want to attract the best talents, job boards and organic reach from social media can't stand alone. You need to allocate sufficient budget for social media advertising.

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