Link recruiting to business outcomes is an Analytics & Workforce Planning Platform that delivers instant insights and efficiency for talent acquisition, employer branding, and leadership powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Achieve real HR transformation:

  • Consolidate and connect all your workforce HR data from across any data silo
  • Eliminate manual, disconnected and inaccurate reporting
  • Identify hiring bottlenecks with accuracy at any level
  • Show leadership how you contribute to company success
  • Go from reactive, subjective decision making to proactive and informed decision making
  • Connect workforce decisions to business outcomes
  • Close more positions faster, while decreasing operational costs

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Trusted by customers worldwide

Since implementing we have seen a dramatic decrease in both cost per hire and time to hire - while at the same time increasing the quality of our applications.

Steffen B. Nielsen
Recruitment Consultant, TDC has enabled us to predict the right choice of recruitment channels as well as the optimal budget for each position.This means that we can streamline our recruitment process and even more important, break down the financial investment and value behind each recruitment.

David Sandberg
Head of Talent Acquisition and People Analytics, Verisure Denmark