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HR Analytics Platform for Talent Attraction

Enables you to take a data-driven business approach to talent attraction so you can increase productivity, recruitment success and ROI

Recruitment planning and decision making are based on gut-feelings, as critical data is disconnected and scattered across a plethora of silos. As a result, each new campaign is approached with minimal (if any) learnings, costing companies vast amounts of money in lost productivity, revenue, profit but most important lost candidates

Ontame.io makes it easy to understand and act on talent attraction data insights

Build better Talent Attraction:

  • Identify hiring bottlenecks across the organisation with accuracy at any level
  • Predict hiring speed, diversity outcome and budget allocation with AI-based goals and recommendation
  • Answer complex questions in seconds, instead of days
  • Learn how candidates and talent pools engage with your employer brand, and campaigns so you can make them better
  • Understand and increase recruitment ROI
  • Change team behaviour from reactive and tactical subjective decision making to proactive and strategic decision making
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual, disconnected and inaccurate Excel reporting
  • Give stakeholders instant access to data insights at any level, with role-based and pre-defined dashboards
  • Close positions faster, while decreasing operational costs by up to 20% 

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Trusted by local and global clients

I chose Ontame.io because I wanted to emphasize the value that employer branding adds to the business. With Ontame’s tracking features, I can prioritize costs and communication efforts more intelligently than before, and I can demonstrate the outcome of my investments better.

The service that Ontame provides is flawless. All the way from our first meeting to implementation and operation, they have been professional and very transparent

Signe Lærke Nørager
Signe Lærke Nørager
Head of Employer Branding, KMD

Ontame.io has enabled us to predict the right choice of recruitment channels as well as the optimal budget for each position. This means that we can streamline our recruitment process and even more important, break down the financial investment and value behind each recruitment.

David Sandberg
Head of Talent Acquisition and People Analytics, Verisure Denmark