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We collaborate with the largest global enterprises to help them increase their return on recruitment investment, by activating their data and using machine learning, to automate cumbersome and manual processes. 


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Steffen B. Nielsen
Steffen B. Nielsen
Recruitment Consultant, TDC

As Scandinavia's largest telecommunications operator, with operations across many different countries, it has been vital for us to be able to measure our entire recruitment funnel - all the way from a visit to our career site to the final hire.

Ontame.io has allowed us to consolidate all this data and get valuable insights into the performance of all our recruitment marketing efforts.

Since implementing Ontame.io we have seen a dramatic decrease in both cost per hire and time to hire - while at the same time increasing the quality of our applications.

David Sandberg Larsen
David Sandberg Larsen
Head of Talent Acquisition and People Analytics, Verisure

Ontame.io has enabled us to predict the right choice of recruitment channels as well as the optimal budget for each position.

This means that we can streamline our recruitment process and even more important, break down the financial investment and value behind each recruitment.

Jesper Petersen
Jesper Petersen
Head of Recruitment

Over the last two years, we have spent around 55.000 € of our recruitment budget on one single job portal, and the return has been three hires, one of them being a student helper.

With Ontame.io, we can save around 15 % of that amount, and sometimes up to 25 %, compared to previous recruitment investments. We now know which sources are not delivering and therefore saving huge costs for job advertising.

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