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Prove the impact of your talent acquisition strategy

Our Recruitment Analytics & Marketing Platform enables you to measure, analyze and optimize your talent acquisition investments while decreasing your operational costs

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Instant insights at the job level

Understand how each job performs with real-time data; use that insight to inform current and future recruitment strategies.

  • View performance reporting for all of your jobs across your entire organization
  • Track, and ultimately optimize, critical KPIs, such job views, applications, conversion rates, cost-per-application and time-to-fill
  • Understand the impact of your ad spend on job recruitment and employer branding on recruitment KPIs

Full picture for ROI

Understand the full picture of your recruitment ROI across both online and offline sources.

  • View true ROI across all jobs, positions, departments, and counties
  • Make better planning decisions based on historical cost and ROI for each type of position
  • Assess the financial impact of employer branding vs. job recruitment marketing

Bespoke benchmarking

Drive performance with benchmarks tailored your recruitment team.

  • Benchmark your performance against your industry peers across all levels.
  • Compare the performance of individual talent acquisition managers, identify the top performers and share the learnings across your team.
  • Look at job views vs. Conversion rates in order to understand where to focus your recruitment efforts.

Intelligent forecasting

Let Ontame’s machine learning and automated prediction do the hard work.

  • Set accurate budgets by leveraging internal data as well as Ontame´s prediction algorithm  
  • View historical performance alongside future predictions to find the answer an estimated cost-per-hire for each open position. 
  • Give instant feedback to the hiring manager on estimated cost-per-hire and time-to-fill before the recruitment process starts.

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The 2018 Global Recruitment Report

In-depth Analysis of Conversion Rates, Candidate Quality and Time to Hire by Devices, Countries and Job Categories.

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