Recruitment Analytics

Prove the impact of your recruitment strategy. enables you to measure, analyze and optimize your recruitment investments while decreasing your operational costs



Instant insights at the job level

  • Understand how each job performs with real-time data; use that insight to inform current and future recruitment strategies
  • View performance reporting for all of your jobs across your entire organization
  • Track, and ultimately optimize, critical KPIs, such job-views & applications, conversion rates, cost-per-application, cost-per-hire and time-to-fill
  • Understand the impact of your ad spend on job recruitment and employer branding based on relevant recruitment KPIs
Recruitment Analytics

Discover all the features in our platform

Measure, analyze and optimize your recruitment
Make better recruitment decisions based on your costs
Drive better performance based on benchmarking across your team
Let machine learning and automated prediction do the hard work
Allow hiring managers to instantly optimize their recruitment efforts
Improve your employer brand and recruitment campaigns in real-time
Reach and engage with high-quality candidates on the best performing channels
Boost your campaign with custom-built landing pages
Global reporting across your entire organization
Customizable dashboards and access control for large enterprises
Seamless connectivity between job source and hires with integration to your ATS

Our customers

The 2018 Global Recruitment Benchmark Report

Get insights based on customer data analisis, incl. quality of applicants, country, device type, job category, channels & time-to-fill.


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