Reports & Customer Stories impacted the recruitment processes and success of many companies. Read here how specific challenges were tackled and how the platform enabled our clients to make data-driven decisions in a competitive environment.

Furthermore, benefit from reports compiling on profound insights from millions of data points we gather every year and optimize your recruitment strategy accordingly.

How Helped Verisure Recruit Quality Sales Staff

Read how managed to decrease cost-per-application by 33%, time-to-fill by 90% and hires per HR headcount by 17% within months.

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Customer Story

The 2018 Global Recruitment Benchmark Report

The 2018 Global Recruitment Report provides insights from data of over 16 million ad views and 1 million+ applications we gathered for our customers.
Learn about conversion rates, time to hire, candidate quality and much more in different industries, countries and on mobile and desktop devices.



How a Data-Driven HR Department Can Revolutionize Your Business

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