free webinar - How Data-Driven Talent Attraction Can Revolutionize Your Business

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13 December 2018

14:30 CET

Duration: 45 min

About this Webinar

This FREE Webinar cuts right to the chase and shows you how to use data in your talent attraction. 

To ensure success, HR teams need to be vigilant about measuring the effectiveness of their choice of recruitment sources and hiring process. But that’s easier said than done. Recruitment planning and decision making are still based on gut-feeling instead of hard facts.


Well, critical HR data is scattered across countless recruiting and enterprise technologies, with no unique identifier. Moreover, reporting in the ATS cannot connect employer branding impact with recruitment and vice-versa.

HR Data-Expert and CEO for Martin Stockfleth Larsen will share insights about how talent attraction teams can integrate all recruitment related data, and start becoming data-driven in a simple way.


  • The problem of disconnected data for talent attraction
  • Why it’s impossible to measure and optimize both short and long-term success
  • Understand how your metrics and KPI´s can be connected to real-time actionable insights for all stakeholders
  • How to start small and then scale


Martin Stockfleth Larsen
Chief Executive Officer