A Financial Institution’s Journey to Better Recruitment

The facts: What we know about the financial institution

The financial institution is a large operation in the Nordics. They have a wide variety of products and services. Their primary goal is to provide their customers with top notch service and great products.

The challenge: Enable HR to become data-driven

In our time, the need for successful talent acquisition and employer branding are highly important. As any other large company, the financial institution were experiencing these challenges in their day-to-day HR-operation.
The challenge became clear, when the institution’s top management decided to work strategically with KPIs across all departments in the organisation.
The HR-team had an idea about how they were performing in recruitment, but they could not really prove it. They had not worked strategically with KPIs before, and they were not sure how they should acquire KPIs and which ones they should focus on.

Looking further into the situation, it was clear that the HR-department had the following challenges:

1. Very poor data quality on how their recruitment and employer branding were performing

2. They had a lot of data, but it was not systematized or connected to the performance. It was spread across different silos

3. A large degree of manual recruitment processes that demanded a severe amount of time 

4. They were too reliant on headhunters to close positions

5. The recruitment team felt they could not fully live up to the demands of the hiring managers

These challenges were starting to affect the whole organisation. HR were not in a position where they could create a recruitment-strategy and align it with the business-strategy and the employer branding campaigns. They did not have the time and the resources that were required to take their recruitment to the next level.


The solution: HR needs to have data available

Driven by a desire to be able to prove that their work had a tangible impact on the business performance, the HR-department reached out to Ontame.io - a Danish recruitment analytics and automation platform. After hearing specifically how Ontame.io could assist, the financial institution chose to implement the recruitment analytics platform.
“The financial institution came to us with a broad strategic challenge. We had to break that into smaller pieces. By understanding what their needs were, we were able to tailor the perfect match with a specialised Ontame.io platform."     - Anders Jørgensen, Director of Customer Success, Ontame.io
The institution was especially excited about the platforms capability to integrate all their recruitment activities in one place. Finally the HR-department did not have to use several systems; the Ontame.io platform provided them with job distribution, employer-branding overview, customized landing pages, tailormade dashboards and KPIs and full recruitment tracking.
Furthermore, it was important for the institution that Ontame.io were able to deliver a fully functional platform in a short time. The platform were easy to integrate with the ATS (Successfactors), which is a crucial aspect in order to connect the full funnel.
Lastly, the financial institution were impressed by the platforms automation features, that would allow their HR-practitioners to spend more time on highly value-adding tasks, such as selection.



The Result: Success backed by data-driven decisions

The results started showing after 12 weeks of using the Ontame.io recruitment and automation platform. The first central benefit the financial institution started to notice was, that they were now able to conduct better decisions in their recruiting. Now they were able to identify the sources where they could find the best quality of candidates at the best cost.
By using the Ontame.io platform, the HR-department discovered that their recruitment-flow were challenging. They identified two bottlenecks in the flow, which made some proportion of the candidates skip the application. By using the Ontame.io customized landing pages, the institution experienced an increase in their conversion-rate as they could now create landing pages with simple recruitment-flows. Furthermore, by engaging in conversations with the Ontame.io-team, the HR-department discovered that their ATS-flow could be improved significantly.
The financial institution experienced a huge difference in their time-to-fill. Now the HR-department were able to easily identify the best sources for hiring, and they thus became more proactive in their search. By utilizing the Ontame.io platform they knew exactly what they needed to do to generate more efficient traffic and they could identify the need much earlier than before.
The build-in automation features that the Ontame.io platform offers made the HR-teams workflow much simpler. They were able to increase their productivity by using data collected in real time while AI helped to predict the specific needs of each recruitment. The integrated solution was a perfect tool to keep track on all the important recruitment-data and avoid a large sum of questions flowing around the department.
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Let’s crunch some numbers

Looking into the data the institution had beforehand, Ontame.io were able to crunch some numbers after a one-year period with the platform:
  1. ✔️   12% decrease in cost-per-qualified-application

  1. ✔️    15% increase in conversion-rate (visit to application)

  1. ✔️    3% decrease in time-to-fill

  1. ✔️    8% increase in productivity per headcount in talent acquisition

  1. ✔️    5% savings on headhunters and recruitment agencies



A large financial institution in Denmark has successfully implemented a recruitment analytics and automation software program, that has allowed them to get crucial insights in important KPIs and to transfer them into strategic business value.
Ontame.io provided the institution with capabilities to find the best sources for hiring, optimize their recruitment-flow, get access to important KPIs and data in real time, increase their productivity and simply working smarter in their day-to-day operation.
By implementing Ontame.io, the HR-department got more time for HR-practices that actually delivers tangible value - they now had more time for selection and employer branding. It was crucial for the institution to be able to get an insight in important KPIs and to be able to transfer these insights into real strategic business value. This was exactly what Ontame.io helped the institution achieve.

About Ontame.io

Ontame.io is a Recruitment Analytics & Automation Platform that delivers insights and efficiency for talent acquisition, employer branding and leadership powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Our platform bridges the gap between talent acquisition, employer branding and candidate experience by consolidating all data in real-time from across career site(s), landing pages, applicant tracking system, application flows, social media, employer branding & recruitment campaigns.
Our data-intelligence enable companies to close more positions faster while decreasing operational cost, making HR first line contributors to company success.
Ontame.io is built by recruiters, data scientist and marketers for recruiters, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.