Embed diversity into the recruitment process

Ensure a diverse workforce by comparing the diversity of applicants to your existing employee base. Identify the best channels and sources to target based on diversity, and monitor how each performs in sending qualified applicants and conversions. Find out how to write job descriptions that work best, based on diversity information.



It is well-known that biases can influence the decision process in recruitment. That, unfortunately, means that it is not always the best person that gets the job. It also means, that your team is at risk of becoming very homogenous, reducing productivity, value-creation, and innovation, without you even realizing.

The benefits of diversity in work teams have been proved in countless research. Let's enhance diversity together.


Eliminate bottlenecks in your recruitment process

Get actionable insights into why your diversity targets are not being reached, and how you can improve.

Understand how all sources and hiring responsibles are performing on diversity goals. Eliminate the guesswork and create the right plan for each position, category and/or department. We can show diversity stats on all levels. The choice is yours.



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Get insights based on customer data analisis, incl. quality of applicants, country, device type, job category, channels & time-to-fill.



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