Intelligent recruitment, media and source planning

It’s difficult to find talent and even more difficult to spend your money right. Our predictive media planning helps you do both. We look at your data, deals and sources, and recommend the best sources online as offline for each job opening -- including the total cost -- based on your goals and budgets.




Set goals for critical positions and let our machine provide you with recommendations based on current activity level. The platform proactively alerts you when if a position is a risk of missing your application or time-to-fill goals so you can take action boosting hiring speed.


Your data, your model

Thanks to’s  machine learning the value of your consolidated data continues to improve, as each point of data helps to make your predictive model even smarter. We aggregate all data from all of your campaigns and systems so you have an intelligent and dynamic data powerhouse to answer any question and predict the outcome. Want to understand future churn in sales? Bring it on.


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Make better decisions, boost hiring speed, deliver proactive service
Create better campaigns, understand true impact on recruitment, justify your budgets
Collaborative and data-driven talent attraction planning, letting HR become better business partners with finance, hiring managers and leadership
Replace outdated, overlay general and expensive benchmark data with real-time actionable benchmarking
Leverage talent attraction predictions to curb cost and improve performance right away
Completely eliminate manual and disconnected Excel reporting with plug and play integration's
Put data in the hands of those who need to make better. Roles-based access ensures stakeholders see only relevant data and answers
A trusted partner and advisor to support your transformation one step-at-a-time

Trusted by local and global clients

The 2018 Global Recruitment Benchmark Report

Get insights based on customer data analisis, incl. quality of applicants, country, device type, job category, channels & time-to-fill.



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