The number one reason why finding the right candidates and bringing them onboard takes too long is the lack of actionable insights about recruitment strategies. Our platform lets you meet deadlines by providing instant access to real-time and actionable data across your hiring process. You can use those insights to optimize your hiring strategy by position, assess why candidates leave your hiring flow, and eliminate the bottlenecks that stall recruitment.


Uncover the right strategy and source for each position

View hiring success, speed, cost and candidate lifetime value, by role, application and hiring source.

Understand how all sources -- online job boards, agencies, in-house sourcing, referral programs -- perform by role, department, brand, and country. Eliminate the guesswork and create the right plan  for each position, based on the sources that provide most value for the position and business.




Hiring data at your fingertips

The dashboard provides you with complete visibility of all your recruitment efforts, across all levels and stages. Zero in on the most critical open positions. Self-serve role-based dashboards let hiring managers and department heads see the status of the recruitment efforts, eliminating the need to email status reports.

Each data view is simple and easy to understand for stakeholders, and if not enough then use our predictive engine to tell you the predicted outcome of applications, time-to-hire, time-to-fill and di versity ratio based on your activity level.




Identity and assess the complete candidate journey, from outreach to job acceptance. Pinpoint where in the hiring flow each candidate withdraws from consideration, and create strategies to keep the best talent in the funnel. The platforms tracks all the relevant factors that affect the candidate experience: candidate fall-off, time between interview stages, interviewer, time-to-fill, candidate feedback, NPS score. Use this insight to enhance the candidate journey, increase efficiency, and decrease operational costs and time-to-fill.


Build recruitment programs based on quality of hire

Connect Ontame tracking, campaign data, your ATS data with talent management and workforce data, to understand what recruiting sources, programs and decisions that drive the best business results for both short term and long term. Optimize your recruiting process to target and hire candidates with performance attributes proven to have the best business impact



Embed diversity into the recruitment process

Ensure a diverse workforce by comparing the diversity of applicants to your existing employee base. Identify the best channels and sources to target based on diversity, and monitor how each performs in sending qualified applicants and conversions. Find out how to write job descriptions that works best based on diversity information.


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Get insights based on customer data analisis, incl. quality of applicants, country, device type, job category, channels & time-to-fill.



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