Why do companies choose Ontame?

  • Save or reallocate 30-40% of your advertisement budget.
  • Increase awareness of the right positions and get more qualified applications and hires.
  • Optimize your candidate flow from website to recruitment system to provide a better candidate experience.
  • Benchmark your job category and departments with other companies and industries.


The booming economy and digitalization have led to a battle for talent. Companies that can´t fill their recruiting pipelines risk declines in productivity and revenue. That’s why companies absolutely need a real-time understanding of how well or poorly their recruitment efforts perform. Any delay in optimizing can mean missing their business goals.


Making better decisions and being highly proactive requires data consolidation. At present, data is scattered across applicant tracking systems, payroll, HRMS, employer engagement, recruiter tools, and endless amount of excel sheets. None of it is connected, and that means it isn’t actionable on a day-to-day level for all stakeholders involved in recruitment. The result is reactive, not proactive, behaviour, random decision making and no learnings to leverage in future recruitment campaigns.

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