Goodbye to being uninformed and reactive.
Hello to being data-driven and proactive

Uncover actionable insights, identify hiring bottlenecks, and make better recruitment decisions in real-time, fully connected to business goals and HR KPI´s.


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Why do companies choose Ontame?

  • Save or reallocate 30-40% of your advertisement budget.

  • Increase awareness of the right positions and get more qualified applications and hires.

  • Optimize your candidate flow from website to recruitment system to provide a better candidate experience.

  • Benchmark your job category and departments with other companies and industries.

Head of Recruitment

Eliminate hiring bottlenecks, do better planning, build the right team



Recruitment planning and decision making are based on gut feelings, as critical recruitment data is scattered across a plethora of recruitment technologies, with no unique identifier and minimal data governance.


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Talent Acquisition

Make better decisions, boost hiring speed, deliver proactive service

Recruitment planning and decision making are based on gut-feeling, as critical recruitment and HR data are scattered across a plethora of 
recruiting and enterprise silos, with no unique identifier.


Employer Branding

Create better campaigns, understand the real impact on recruitment, justify your budgets

Employer branding is crucial for recruitment to succeed; unfortunately is it impossible to measure the impact on recruitment outcomes Proof them wrong


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