Challenges for Chief People Officer:

  • Difficult to lead by KPI´s with no centralised or connected data
  • Inability to build and attribute your recruitment strategy to business outcomes with clear ROI predictions
  • Too many resources spend time on tedious, inaccurate and old fashioned reports for various stakeholders
  • Difficult to build a business cases to justify budget earmarks for recruitment and employer branding campaigns
  • Inability to identify hiring bottlenecks at a granular level across your organization
  • Inability to calculate the precise value derived from in-house sourcing team, recruitment technologies, and referral programs
  • Sporadic data governance across the talent attraction team
  • Too much dependency on costly headhunters, as time-to-fill rates escalate
  • Unable to provide insightful guidance to hiring managers before, during and post recruitment activities
  • No access to reliable and real-time benchmark data with clear insight of company performance vs. the market
  • No way to assess methodically how people in your team performs

Our Solution:

  • Determine in real time which recruiting sources, programs, and decisions drive the best short and long results based on tangible metrics, such as ROI and diversity goals
  • Automate data collection, measurement and optimization across all of talent attraction efforts
  • 24/7 access to a real-time, clear and precise recruitment plan on how to allocate budget, avoid bottlenecks, and ensure ongoing success
  • Automated reporting that provide clear feedback to leadership team, with precise and data-tested answers to key questions regarding time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, sourcing, and diversity
  • Decrease operational costs by eliminating time-consuming workarounds, such as manual reports reports and business intelligence and data warehouse solutions
  • Leverage machine learning technology to decrease time-to-fill and increase productivity

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