Challenges for the CxO:

  • Recruitment planning, budget and execution are driven by reactive and subjective decision making
  • No transparency into planning, allocation of budgets by country, department, brand
  • Too much reliance on costly headhunters and recruitment agencies
  • Inability to connect quality of hire with recruitment sources and strategy
  • No insight into why bottlenecks occur across the organization, which means you can’t develop plans to eliminate them
  • High cost of manual reporting in order to satisfied the need for answers
  • Too often you lose the battle for talent due to an inability to take action wherever and whenever needed

Our Solution:

  • Access real-time reports that can answer to any question related to talent attraction
  • Connect employer branding and recruitment investments to business outcomes
  • Assess the business impact of programs, campaigns and technology investments you initiate of business outcomes
  • Calculate the true ROI of campaigns, and better align recruitment budgets with business strategy, such as opening a new market, transforming your workforce in specific departments or implementing a strategy that focuses on diversity

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