Challenges for Employer Branding

  • Inability to connect employer branding campaigns to actual business outcomes.

  • Your budget allocation is based on gut-feeling instead of real impact.

  • Inability to measure the true effect of graduate programs on future growth.

  • No way to bridge the gap between candidate experience, employer branding, and recruitment, which means you don’t get a full picture of all efforts and touchpoints.

  • A lack of insightful reports for management beyond impressions and clicks from media.

  • No way to connect talent pool conversions with long-term business impact.

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Our Solution

  • Access actionable data-driven insights so you can attribute recruitment impacts and business outcomes to employer branding efforts.
  • Build and track talent pools, monitor conversion to candidates hires, and quality-of-hire, both short and long-term.
  • Measure and optimize graduate programs in real time in order to get the most out of your media investments.
  • Collect feedback from candidates with simple NPS surveys and polls, leverage that insight to optimize messaging and strategy on the country, position, department, brand and campaign level.
  • Pinpoint with accuracy where candidates had a poor recruitment experience, and take steps to prevent similar experiences.
  • Track content preferred by specific target groups (e.g. IT, engineers, Sales) as measured by interactions, as well as the time from campaign to actual recruitment effect.
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