Challenges for Head of Recruitment

  • Reactive behavior due to disconnected datasets and limited data governance.

  • No way to provide proactive service to hiring managers due to lack of clear insights with regards to hiring speed, cost-per-hire and job source recommendations.

  • Low productive due to many manual processes and reporting.

  • Under constant pressure to fill positions at the lowest cost possible, with no way to demonstrate the value of budgeting based on business facts.

  • Inability to measure the efficiency of recruiters or recruiting programs, or to compare the experience, background, and pay level of candidates from each hiring source.

  • No time for strategic analysis in order to optimize the entire recruitment process. 

Save or reallocate 30-40% of your advertisement budget.-1


Our Solution

  • Leverage role-based dashboards and best practices to increase productivity across your talent attraction team.
  • Implement and enforce data governance across talent acquisition efforts quickly and easily.
  • Get a complete, up-to-date view of your entire organization recruiting pipeline, and see where bottlenecks occur.
  • Provide credible, data-driven estimates of hiring times, hiring cost and diversity goals for all stakeholders.
  • Use data to make realistic forward planning and recommendations on where to focus efforts and how to allocate budgets.
  • Understand your team’s capacity and performance at all levels.
  • Measure the contributions of your sourcing team, CRM platform, chatbot, referral programs for recruitment; design strategies to increase value source-by-source.
  • Compare the experience, background, and pay level of candidates from each hiring source—and ultimately, determine which sources provide the best performers.
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