Challenges for talent acquisition:

  • Reactive, subjective decision making about recruitment approaches
  • Inability to identify hiring bottlenecks stymying each position
  • Unable to connect recruitment efforts to business results
  • Lack of time for strategic analysis and optimization
  • Inability for hiring managers to access real-time insights
  • Poor data quality leads to an inaccurate picture of the work you do
  • Majority of recruitment value chain is manual, time-consuming and error-prone
  • No learnings to access from previous recruitments

Our Solution:

  • Get a complete, up-to-date view of your entire recruiting pipeline and see where bottlenecks occur
  • Provide credible, data-driven estimates of hiring times and hiring costs to stakeholders
  • Optimize your recruiting process to target and hire candidates with the potential to have the best business impact
  • Provide self-service access to the managers who most frequently need to see the status of requisitions
  • Provide insights, a range of services and predictions to help you close positions with high-quality candidates faster


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